The 2014 PDC will be a platform to connect ‘in person’ with designers, researchers, artists, practitioners and other related people, to engage in fruitful dialogues, to participate in numerous activities such as tutorials, workshops, doctoral consortiums, participatory art encounters, paper presentations as well as game viewing and exquisite dinning.

All in all you are looking forward to an unforgettable conference experience with many new insights and connections.

The goal of the “Teaching Participatory Design” full-day workshop is to create a place where people can share plans and questions about the practice of teaching Participatory Design (PD).

Through this workshop we aim to create a context for all of us to talk about how we design and set up courses, what challenges we face and how we solve them. The workshop is for people who are interested in the way people teach as well as in what is taught and what resources are gathered to aid the process. During the workshop, we will explore in an interactive manner how constructivist approaches to teaching can support the teaching and learning of participatory design in academic and non-academic contexts. We will also discuss experiences in using recent material such as the PD Handbook.

We hope that this dialogue can become a regular part of PDC!

The workshop is scheduled for Sunday 5th October, 2014. For more information about the Participatory Design Conference visit: http://pdc2014.org

NOTE: Deadline for submissions has been postponed to Monday 28th July at noon. Click here for more details.

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